Saturday, October 2, 2010

syawal's memory 2

date : 5th syawal
time : 1130 - 330

place : Ulek Beach Resort

''It takes only a moment to smile, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever..''

Have great time with them here..hope we will meet again next year..

Best bila dapat makan ramai2, then exchange stories, and most important is, gossiping..haha~

most of my friends, da kawen already..da ada anak..then, mula la they asked me, ''mu bile ag mie?'', then asked again, ''bile buleh mkn nsi minyak mu ni mie..''..and I can only smile..hahaha~hadoi..aku kecik lg laa..but, when it's my turn, i will announce to the whole don't worry OK my friends..hahaha~~


mohdshafiq87 said...

cute baby 2.. hehe
*saje mlawat bl0g.. ;)

nurmiey sabtu said... 2 mmg cute..xreti duk diam plak 2..geram je tgk..hihi~
mekaceh melawat blog..hehe =)